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Love enjoying your meals at Wendy’s? I am sure, you would. Wendy’s is one of the most loved and the most popular fast-food chains of restaurants not only in the United States but all over the world. People are just in awe of the services of Wendy’s and of course their food. But, Wendy believes that they have a lot more to offer. Thus, they have introduced a customer satisfaction survey termed as TalktoWendys on their online survey portal.

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TalktoWendys Survey hardly takes any time for each and every participant to complete, and in turn, offers some decent amount of rewards by the Wendy’s. Also, your participation in the TalktoWendys Survey ensures the enhancement in the customer satisfaction level on your next visit to the Wendys.

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TalktoWendys Survey Requirements

Some of the requirements that are needed to be taken care of to conduct the TalktoWendys  Survey smoothly are as follows:

  • The very basic and the most important requirement to conduct this survey is an electronic device like a mobile phone or a computer with an updated web browser.
  • You will also require a stable and good internet connection, as this survey is conducted online.
  • Also, you will have to enjoy the services of Wendys at least once to give your reviews in the best possible way.
  • Your few minutes from the precious time of your life.
  • The last and the very important requirement of this survey is your honesty while answering the questions.

TalktoWendys Survey Participation Steps

It is extremely simple to conduct the survey on the online survey portal. You just need to follow some very simple and basic steps to complete this online survey successfully. Have a look at the survey participation steps below:

  1. Firstly, enjoy your meals at any of Wendy’s stores in the United States.
  2. Now, when you get your purchase receipt, make sure that the survey code is printed on it.
  3. After you get your purchase receipt, visit the official website of the survey at from your favorite web browser. We recommend Google Chrome though.
  4. Now, as soon as you land on the website, you will be asked to select the language in which you conduct this survey. You can select from English or Spanish. The default language of the survey in English. You can change it to Spanish by clicking on the Espanol button there.
    TalkToWendys Survey
  5. Now, you will have to submit the details like the date and time of the visit, store number, etc. You will find those details on your purchase receipt.
  6. After you submit the details correctly, tap the button that reads “Start”. This click initiates your survey.
  7. Now, you will be redirected to the new page. After the page is fully loaded, you will see a questionnaire that asks you some questions regarding your last visit to the Wendys. You need to answer these questions correctly. Please, note that your survey will be considered completed only when you answer each and every question honestly.
  8. After you answer all the questions, you will be asked to enter your contact details. These details help Wendy’s to contact the lucky winner of the TalktoWendys Survey.
  9. In the end, you will be displayed a validation code. Kindly, note it down somewhere or take a picture of the same. You will have to validate it on your next visit to any of Wendy’s stores. You can claim your rewards only after validating this survey code.
Official NameTalktoWendys
Conducted ByWendys
LanguageEnglish and Spanish
CountryUnited States

TalktoWendys Survey Questionnaire

The participants wonder what are the questions asked in the TalktoWendys Survey. Well, this survey covers some very important factors that are purely based on customer satisfaction. Have a look at some questions asked in this survey below:

  1. How do you rate your overall satisfaction level at our premises?
  2. Did you like the quality of the products served at our premises?
  3. How was the staff-behavior?.
  4. What score do you give to the cleanliness and hygiene of our stores?
  5. Did you face any sort of issue at our premises? If yes, then kindly explain in brief.
  6. How can we improve our services and food products?
  7. Do you recommend visiting Wendy’s to your friends and family members?
  8. How often do you visit Wendy’s?
    Wendys Store

Am I Eligible To Participate In This Survey?

Now, what is the eligibility criteria for participating in the TalktoWendys Survey? Wendys has clearly specified the eligibility criteria of this survey. Have a look at the same below:

  1. You must be a legal and recognized citizen of any of the 50 states of the United States.
  2. No kids are expected and allowed to conduct this survey. This rule clearly means that your age must be equal to or above 18 to conduct this survey.
  3. Kindly, avoid participating in this survey if you are an employee or a family member of any employee of Wendy’s.
  4. You must be able to provide proof of citizenship whenever asked by the Wendys.
  5. You must have visited and enjoyed the services of Wendys at lease once if you wish to answer the questionnaire of the TalktoWendys Survey.

TalktoWendys Survey has been receiving an overwhelming response and a great amount of love since the first day of its introduction in the market. This survey is an opportunity for the customers to make sure that each and every concern and opinion are taken into consideration by Wendy’s management team.

This survey allows Wendy’s administrators to analyze the expectations, needs, and wants of the customers and fulfill them in the best and the most efficient way. This survey holds high importance for the management team of Wendys. Thus, they expect that each and every participant will be honest with their each and every survey answers. It is necessary to note that, your every answer will deeply impact the services of Wendys on your future visits to the same.

Thus, if you love Wendys, then you should definitely visit the official website and conduct the TalktoWendys Survey without wasting a minute. Peace!

32 thoughts on “TalkToWendys Survey | | Wendy’s Customer Survey”

  1. We were in your Shelbyville, IN store #1056 on 10/27/19. We were sadly disappointed in the whole experience. It started at the line to order. It took 10 minutes or more to get waited on. They guy behind the counter did not even know how to change the paper in the printer at the register. When we got our food, (we both ordered the biggie bag) the hamburger was dry and burnt and the fries were cold. The tables were a mess. We were there about 2:14 pm so not in the lunch rush. We will not be going back!

  2. We wanted to get two baked potatoes but they said it would be 30 minutes wait before they would be ready. We were there at 1:00 p.m.

  3. Regarding Wendy’s @ 5 mile & Merriman in Livonia #00007787:
    As the year is coming to an end, I like to take time and reflect on people I am thankful for and really appreciate. In doing this I automatically think of Laura, Terri and the rest of the staff at the 5 mile and Merriman Wendy’s. Although there a couple of Wendy’s locations closer to my work I prefer to drive father as a result of the service I receive there.

    Whether someone is a first-time customer or a “regular” they always receive a friendly greeting followed by exceptional service. The team works very efficiently to ensure they produce a quality product and exactly what the customer ordered. They never complain about special orders and are always very accommodating. I can attest to this as I generally ask to make a change such as extra lettuce on my chicken wrap or a Taco salad when it was not officially back on the menu.

    Even when it is busy, they ensure the dining room is clean and welcoming. If there is a mishap, such as a spilled drink, there is never any blame and the staff quickly takes care of it. I always enjoy my visit and wish more restaurants had such a pleasant and professional staff.

  4. I bought ” 2 for $5.00 Dave’s singles” on 12-20-2019. I didn’t discover until I got home that I had been charged $ 4.39 for each sandwich, which totals $8.78. I went back to next day , thinking that a simple mistake had been made. I talked to the manager and she said that since I had not used the word “special” I was charged full charge and refused to give a refund. I love being ripped off by Wendy’s. I won’t be going to Wendy’s any more, and I have let me family ,friends and co-workers know what happen. You need to get this problem fixed. The store # is 04709776 at 2485 S university Blvd., Denver, CO

  5. Lawrence Creviston

    every time that we go to Wendy’s at store 7831 we always get the wrong thing that we ordered we ask foe a hamburger we get a Chee burger my wife can not eat Chee. this happens every time, I will never go back to that store again or any other wends again. un less something is done to fix it.

  6. Went to store #1098 this am I was there before 10am the owner came out to tell me they were not yet opened. I apologize and told him I just wanted a frosty for a sick kid. He went in brought me the frosty and didn’t charge me. What a wonderful act of kindness you have a special person at that store thank you.

  7. sandra leona desler

    My husband and I have gone to wendys for a long time but every time we go to this one Wendys at 22928 bothel Everett hwy wa we ask for mayo on both buns top and bottom and frys we ask to make sure it is hot nope luke warm every time and frys are gross cold told manager she blew us off by saying do you want another order I said no that I wanted them to make sure to get the order right and want hot food will never go back there oh ya she said oh were short handed didn’t look like it to me.

  8. Went to Wendy’s location # 3334 which is on my way home. This is the Wendy’s I always use and I hate it! Host on the 28 of January 2020 at 8:59 PM was Brianna, Cashier was Joshua. But Brianna took my money. She never said a word except what I owed. I told her to have a good evening and she turned around and walked away. Very unfriendly! I ordered the 1/2 Apple/pecan salad. Which is what I order most. It never fails, NO pecans. I will change Wendy’s or go to another fast food eatery.

  9. I love Wendy’s food but don’t understand why I NEVER get a sincere “Thank You!” when I pay for my meal or when I receive it. An emotionless “Have a nice day” or, worse yet a “There you go” makes me want to go somewhere that appreciates my business.
    Wendys in Centralia, Illinois

  10. No coke, Dr. Pepper, root beer, sprite and 8 other drinks. Out of 12 different drinks. Why can’t you hire managers that can count? I’m so sick of stupidity. After every store in town being out of chili 2 weeks ago now this. I’m done with wendys for awhile.

  11. Wendy’s think that the customer’s pleasure and satisfaction are a must for them. They want to know a few things from your recent visit to Wendy’s outlet. They 3102 are curious to get your candid feedback on the quality of products, cleanliness, the quality of food, delivery speeds, the environment they provided you, what was the behavior of staff with you and overall satisfaction. So Talktowendys survey is all about your personal experience on your visit. Find the 8-digit restaurant number right at the top of your Wendy’s receipt and input it on the” Store Number” field.

  12. Very simple order: 1 plain Cheeseburger, 1 Cheeseburger no mayo no onions.
    1st Order arrived: Two cheeseburgers with everything
    Took them back, I watched “Logan used his hands” (no gloves) to pick up the bun and take off everything of it. Put the bun back on and give me the tray.
    I looked at him and lifted the bun and said, “There’s Mayo on here” he said, just a little! My son is allergic to it !, I said. Logan then told me to relax, it’s my first day! I guess it makes it okay to put a 10year old in the hospital!
    Then the other cashier, “it’s alright!” How hard can it be to make a simple sandwich? If Mr. Thomas was alive, this would kill him!
    After I became extremely loud, the manager stepped up, “What’s going on??” He said will make two fresh sandwiches. He also offered two free frosty’s, that we declined.Wendy’s Sebastian, FL. Store #4617

  13. I went to Wendy’s location #00001592
    4959 Lapalco Blvd
    Marrero La 70072 on 2/7/20
    Rafter I made my order and was waiting for it at the counter
    A roach crawled across the counter. I was on my way to hospital my mom was being admitted
    I threw the chili away at the hospital garbage can
    I didn’t want to make a scene at the Wendy’s location
    I did tell the cashier and she hit a paper bag And pushed the Taichung on the floor and stepped on it

  14. I was at your Wendy’s store#2034 on 2/15/20. The cashier appeared to be new and was constantly telling me she didn’t know and had to ask someone. She came back alone. I was using coupons and asked her to start the order for just one of the items. Then she told me she could do both coupons and a woman came from the back, pushed a button on the register and left. I had a coupon to buy one nuggets and get one free. I then requested a combo #1 (coupon as well) with no lettuce and no cheese. When she put my order on the tray she said that one of the nuggets was still being prepared and she would bring it out to my table when it was ready. I said ok and reminded her to give me the dipping sauce for the nuggets. When I got to the table and opened the sandwich it had 2 slices of cheese. If was also not hot. I don’t like to make a fuss so I scrapped as much of the cheese off that I could. As I was eating I looked at the receipt and saw that she had put down no lettuce and no cheese. Then I got to thinking how easy it would be for the preparer to just remove the lettuce from an already made burger. But not so easy the cheese. As your slogan says your hamburger is prepared for you when you order. In this case I don’t think so or the burger would have been hotter. I used to go quite often to your store in Randallstown Maryland and was sorry to see it close down. I live in Baltimore City and do not know or see any other Wendy’s in my area of travel. However, today, I had to be out in the area of store #2034. I expect nothing from you nor am I asking for anything. I just thought you should be aware of the event. I’m pretty sure nothing will come of this e-mail but I needed to send it.

    Thank you.

  15. My son and I went to the Wendy’s Restaurant # 775 which is situated at 4559 Eastgate Blvd from order # 2096 to order two bacon cheeseburgers for myself and two baconcheeseburgers plus large french fries for my son. As we pulled in, one of the employees was wearing a flannel parka and smoking outside. As we were the only two customers walking inside, the place was rather quiet. As we walked inside, I noticed that there was another heavy set employee talking to a customer, where there was a wet spill sign knocked over that no one decided on picking up and correcting. The individual who took, who was named Brandon was wearing the flannel parka was fumbling about on the register, where he had a pink rubber band holding up his hair in a partial manbun with a baseball cap. You could just smell the cigarette smoke from behind the counter. He was totally incoherent. He may have asked his manager for him to log in but the customer receipt had Brandon’s name on it. I gave my order and my son afterwards where we wanted it to go with napkins and ketchup. Brandon was pausing and hesitating on taking the order where my son asked him if we needed to repeat the order. Brandon replies that he was working there for two weeks and only was paid for one, and keeps conversation that he was very agitated about his situation. He asks us twice on how many baconcheeseburgers we wanted and if it was to go which we already mentioned above. Brandon screws up the order and puts it incorrectly. At this time, I am looking at my son asking him if we should go elsewhere.

    Brandon then charges me tax, which was .56 where he states that he charged us for eating in where he had to correct.

    Afterwards, Brandon then goes to his manager and starts up his complaint again that he worked for two weeks and was only getting paid for one where his manager reminds him that he only worked one, right in front of us.

    As we picked up our order and went home which was about a 3 mile drive, we discovered that three of the burgers were cold, the fries were small without salt which I saw Brandon personally handle and neither myself nor my son will plan on eating there at that location. This was a piss-poor way of managing personnel to be professional, courteous and customer-focused.

  16. Hello. Anthony here in Bristol TN. I dine at the Vol . Parkway store on a weekly basis . SEVERAL TIMES a week . Seems to be one of only a few places that I don’t get heart burn . I stopped by and tried the New Breakfast today . I was quite surprised at the flavor . Quite unique . For my self it was to PEPPERY . And I’m very much a Texture Person . Horrible Texture , ODD feeling in my mouth kind of thing . No heart burn of any kind . Just to much pepper in the Sausage . But now the seasoned potatoes how ever are a big hit with me and my mother . On a different note , How about a New Flavor of Frosty and I’d like to see Baked Sweet Potatoes . Have a Great Day .

  17. I was at your restaurant in Pottstown Pa. today, #00002028 I was very disgusted on how dirty & filthy this place was. They should be very ashamed on the way it looked. The table I sat at was all sticky. The floor was dirty.

  18. Just visited Wendy’s for lunch at store #00011381 in Ogden, UT and for the first time after many meals over the years I left disappointed. I ordered a half Taco salad. The salad bowl had well over an inch of water in the bottom, so much water that the ingredients were floating in it. If they just took the time to drain the salad after preparing it, that would be much appreciated.

  19. Charles is an amazing manager. very helpful, walks around to make sure your happy with your food. we eat there several times a week. but only when he is working because we know everything will be done to perfection and he is also very friendly

  20. I ordered to fish sandwiches with cheese at the Massillon Ohio store #00009572 I received the two sandwiches but they forgot to put the cheese on them and charged me for the cheese on both.

  21. Keith Lee Wilson

    I would like to give a shoutout to a Wendy’s manager I have seen and know from a couple of different restaurants I have visited in the past. His name is Bradley Callicutt. I live near the Kannapolis, NC location and the location near Concord, NC. Both are excellently managed. The store number Bradley works at is 00004166. I had not seen him in some time until recently when I visited the Kannapolis store. He told me he had been serving as General Manager for a store in Monroe, NC. He is a great manager and works very closely with his employees to develop their skills and talents. He is highly respected by his staff. I hope all Wendy’s have managers as good as he. He is definitely a human resources asset who should be emulated each day. A promotion to a position of greater responsibility should be considered both now and as future opportunities should arise in the Wendy’s family.

  22. Ordered 6 large chili and 10 packets of hot sauce when I got home 5 chili and 7 hot sauce 2 catsup instead and its 1
    5 hours away from my home.

  23. Nena Martinez

    I was eating at Wendy’s store#1107 in Knoxville yesterday. I ordered a bacon cheese potato. While waiting, I see the lady take the cheese spatula and hold it over the trash can at the end if make line, picking up a piece of clear plastic from trash can and cleaning off the extra cheese from spatula. How disgusting!! And my potato had old dry cheese on it. The guy that took my order was super friendly and nice, but this other worker lacks work ethics..especially in front of a customer.

  24. Mary Jean Carroll

    I purchased 2 sausage egg cheese biscuit this morning and it was awful. The biscuit was hard and the sausage was so spicy that I could not eat it. I would like my money back please. I paid $6.26 for this terrible breakfast.

  25. I think it’s dumb to serve breakfast at 6:30am and open your front door at 9:30am for patrons to dine-in.
    Whoever thought up this stupid idea need to be put on the kitchen cleanup detail. If you’re the corporate
    level, you need to be demoted. So stupid.

  26. Store number 00005332 398 W Main Street in Philadelphia, Ms 39350 drink machine needs to cleaned inside & out..I’ve went two days in a row first time 02/29/20 I order a meal with all natural lemonade & black spots was in the cup..asked for another without ice..second time 03/01/20 @1:52 pm ticket number 3165 order 2 meals with sprites no ice & received it with lots of black spots..gave it back & asked for another and also asked to make sure it wasn’t in the cups..she made sure the cups was clean but still received the black things..went inside after not hold up the line..& asked for two cups due to the black spots inside the two I already had..the manager white lady responded “didn’t she just changed your cups in the drive thru” a worker also responded to the manager “its black stuff inside her drink” manager responded out loud “it’s going to be the same way” I order for this place almost everyday and it’s ridiculous I have to check my drinks to make sure it’s nothing inside of them..

  27. Dennis Miller

    First time at this location,#00009590. Ordered chili, rec.#2055. It was like water with very little meat. I took back to counter and complained. I told the cashier she could throw it away, not worth eating. She told me the trash can was behind me. I left it on the counter and ordered a sandwich which she charged me for, rec. #1000. Needless to say my wife and granddaughter will not be returning.


    Me and my grandma went to the #00004864 store on 3/1/2020 @ 240 pm. We waited for 20 mins in the drive thru with no service. So we went thru the drive thru and went inside. I ordered a number 1 n 4 for 4. I waited another 20 plus mins for my order to get done. I didnt leave out of that restaurant until 4pm. They were not busy at all. It seems like they didnt want to serve no one and that not professional by any means. I was highly pissed off with your staff at this store and walked out after getting my food. At this point I didnt care if my stuff was right or not. I would like so compensation for this madness.

  29. Ted Henderson

    ask my gf to grab me a bacon double stack biggie bag w/ a sweet tea n s’awesome sauce on her way home. while waiting in line she text me to say that the lady (karan in pinole,ca) didnt know what those were n she got a #4 instead. about 15 minutes later im met with a poorly assembled ice cold #5 n a watered down root beer. the fries must have been 2 hours old.

  30. We were in Wendy’s at 515 E. Innes St., Salisbury,NC 28144 on Sunday, March 8 at 5:29. We meet friends there often. This evening the tea tasted old and the drink machine was out of lots of drink choices. They were not busy at this time. We feel that things should have been cleaner and fresher at this time of day.

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