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Wendy’s has its customer survey like some other food chains like Taco Bell, McDonald’s, KFC, Kroger, and Burger King. It looks daunting at first to take up the TalkToWendys survey and rate & answer their questionnaire, but trust me, it’s so easy.

Visit TalkToWendys OR Get Support

All you have to do is to give honest feedback to their service and in return, you will get rewards. Taking up talktowendys or wendyswantstoknow won’t take more than five minutes. So, just grab your device, visit their official website and take part in their official survey.

Things You’ll Need to Take Up Talktowendys Survey

Here are some points you need to keep in mind while taking up wendyswantstoknow or talktowendys customer survey.

  • Legit receipt of your last visit to Wendy’s restaurant.
  • The applicant’s age should at least be 18.
  • There are three language options for you. English, French, and Spanish. That said, you must be able to understand one of them.
  • The receipt should not be older than one week.
  • You cannot participate with multiple entries. Once the results are out of the draw you participated in, you can join another Wendy’s customer survey.

What Are The Steps To Take Up Talktowendys Survey?

There is nothing more to worry about this. The steps are very easy to follow. If you have any questions about it please let us know in the comment section at the end of the article.

  1. Fetch your smart device on which you want to take up the survey and answer the questionnaire. Make sure that it has a secure and fast internet connection.
  2. Open Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari browser and visit Wendy’s customer survey website at
  3. When you reach to their homepage find the blank space to fill this information. restaurant No., and Date & Time of your visit to that restaurant. You can easily find these details on your receipt.
    TalkToWendys Survey
  4. You can also switch the language here on the homepage.
  5. When you enter the survey, you will be prompted with some questions which you need to answer. There will be some easy questions like rating their different services food, etc.
  6. Keep going until the last question of the questionnaire. The only key to standing a chance to win the rewards is you be honest. Randomly filled answers are of no use to them and they take care of this kind of problem very well.
  7. Hit the Finish button and then note down any survey code if any code is flashed on your screen. If you won anything, Wendy’ will contact you. 

This is how you are supposed to take up Talktowendys or Wendyswantstoknow Customer Survey. If you still have questions or issues regarding your orders and rewards, please let us know in the comment section below.

19 thoughts on “TalkToWendys Customer Survey |”

  1. Bishop Joel Marcus Johnson

    We used to live in Columbus OH, and I knew Dave Thomas. The food was good, and our sandwiches went directly from the grille and onto my tray. Tina was our cheerful, excellent cashier.

  2. Please have something on your menu that is KETO. Like the bacon mushroom melt in a container NO BREAD with salad on the side with a water for a reasonable price.


    This Wendy’s may be new but management is lacking. Why? The place is filthy, trash all over the floor, food in the food prep area all over the floor, always short on condiments, drink machines with no ice and many of the drink selections not available, servers unhappy. If you ask for something, general attitude is poor. This usually reflects poor management issues. I went through drive through and ordered a family size chili and when I got home I discovered a container filled with sauce, except for two beans and minimal amount of beef. Pitiful since I consider your chili very good. I am done with this location which is sad since I live in Southport and am a fan of Wendy’s.

  4. I took your survey to let you know that your burgers were raw. I do not want a free sandwich or anything else. That would mean I would have to return and eat more of your food. That won’t happen. I have not eaten at this store in 30 years and now I remember why.

  5. just remodeled this store. very nice appearance. very hospital personel. I am a frequent buyer here and enjoy the food.

  6. I visited Wendy’s drive-thru for supper on 450 E. Nine Mile Road in Pensacola, FL 32514 on February 10, 2020 at 5:52 PM. They gave me a huge bag with my order and said Thank you so I left. Upon returning home, half of my order was missing. One cheeseburger kids meal, a Spicy Chicken sandwich, and my Sour Cream and Chives Baked Potato. We were so disappointed.

  7. The Wendy’s in Nixa, Mo is one of the cleanest, friendliest I’ve ever been in. If mistakes happen they make it right with an apology and a smile. Your coupons offer tremendous value. Keep it up cause you’re crushing it!!

  8. Somebody needs to change the french fries- the present ones were limp, greasy and unedible- the quality is super low- will not return- other restaurants offer better-tasting, larger, edible french fries-

  9. Mary Ann DeVeto

    So disappointing after having your order repeated back to you finding your order is wrong when you get home! Not only that I had to wait extra long at the window because they had made my bunless sandwich on a bun. Did I get grilled chicken as ordered-nope-fried!! I wasted 11.55 on salad because I couldn’t eat the rest.

  10. Scott Russell

    Twice in 2 weeks Wendy’s got my order wrong they were a lot better in the past i don’t know maybe new manager or staff but not nearly as good i guess i have to find somewhere else to go

  11. Analía Sánchez

    The employer Eykis bring us a very good service changing our order, because of a confusion with the salads.

  12. I tried to go in at 0830 because I didn’t realize the floor opens at 0900. It was locked so I started to leave then two employees ran out and welcomed me in. They were so nice it made my entire day.

  13. Great salads. You have chicken nuggets and larger sandwich chicken that you could offer to add to your salads.
    I get nuggets and add them into my garden salad. Just passing along idea.

  14. Disappointing experience, I asked for the Sausage biscuit. I was at the drive-thru, when i got my order it was a sausage egg and cheese biscuit. When i checked it because they had charged me nearly $4. So when i noticed it wasn’t what i asked for and returned it to cashier. She gave it to lady in the back and all they did was take egg off and gave it back to me. So now i had a sausage cheese biscuit. Not what i wanted and i was still overcharged and never even offered an apology. Not a great start for my first breakfast experience with Wendy’s.

  15. Stony Creek, VA – VERY UNHAPPY!!! Was traveling through the area and stopped at this area for gas. We thought we’d stop in Wendy’s for a quick bite to go. Quick turned into 18-20 minutes for 2 burgers, 2 – 4pc nuggets, 3 fries, a frosty and 2 sodas. The nuggets were OLD, DRY, COLD and HARD!! The fried were OLD and COLD. The extra long wait was on 2 doublestack burgers. I know for a fact they aren’t making them fresh on the grill. REALLY??? Even the soda appeared half flat. Let me say, there were also 5 or 6 people working, no one in the restaurant eating! All of the employees acted like it was there first day of work. Very frustrating! After 10 minutes, I would have just taken a refund and walked out but I can only imagine how hard giving a refund would of been. Not one of the employees apologized or offered any type of reimbursement/coupon, etc.

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